Israeli artist Daniella Sheinman has left the use of color behind her preferring to work in black and white with graphite on large canvasses in a new and unique artistic language. Her response to the events of September 11, 2001 was to draw a series of skeches. Each small drawing culminates in a picture that has been produced using her special technique, namely, using countless black and white lines to create impressions on the canvas. The theme of 9/11, following years of terror in Israel, encourages dialogue between the artist and society, the art world, herself and her environment.

Dr. Gideon Ofrat, art historian and philosopher, comments, “The 9/11 series is more abstract than any of Daniella Sheinman’s previous work … The “thicket” is stormier than ever and offers an image of distraction; while avoiding drama, it is also more forceful”.