Through her paintings we are immersed in a strange world of masks, dresses, secrets, magic, feats, transformations, gestures, mimic forms of expression, pathos, laughing and crying. There are images, some drawn, some painted, with overstated, collaged compositions, exaggerated as in a comic book, and forms of action, circumscribed in dance or acting, which reveal to us a private view of the world of the circus, the trained transformations, the enigmatic, the second reality of being.

Animals and animal-like hybrid creatures, people in disguise and transformed into monsters emerge from color and computer graphics, abstract shapes restyle painterly paraphrases of well-known artistic positions, she shapes vivid memories from the world of the circus ring and the curiosity cabinet-like attractions into highly colorful and graphically expressive icons of the circus world with images from dreams. We encounter relicts of the illusory world and the over-exaggerated entertainment industry with the power of metaphorical painting.

In her painting, Baccara Smart uses the creative power of collective memory to confront us in multi-layered and combinatory collages with the primal fears, desires and joys of human existence. We feel a close affinity with the works of Frank Stella, Sigmar Polke and Martin Kippenberger. In her photographs she directs attention towards the core of the situations played out according to reality and transforms the scene into a playfully theatrical snapshot. In her videos she dances along in the footsteps of Pipilotti Rist, dreaming through the happy and sad world of her family history and the circus life revolving around her father, not without lending the whole ensemble a decadently sad, very private note. We can also identify references to video artists such as Bill Viola and Douglas Gordon and a desire for a concentration of statements from the complex worlds of information of the media of the poster, the newspaper, the film and the television.

Baccara Smart is a reflective dreamer who conducts a dialog between the worlds of private biography and collective memory.